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Data Science, CRM and web development to suit your needs

The time when simply having a website was enough is long gone. Customers are more demanding nowadays. They expect relevance, customisation, ease of use over different devices, quick customer service and flexibility. And the trend is set to continue. As the market saturates with new and innovative offerings of product and services, it is important to use, collect data, and track every channel available in order to truly understand customer behaviour, trends, needs and buying patterns.

At the heart of this will be mobile-first, responsive websites, efficient CRM systems and strategy, tight integration between website, CRM, analytics, booking systems, attribution tools (such as call tracking), and so on. When done correctly, the extensive amount of data collected can help spot patterns and synergies, and predict customer propensity to purchase specific products or services. In other words, detect when customers are “in market”. 

Do you struggle to get the correct level of reporting and KPIs? Could you benefit from data to help your customers with their product recommendations? How about automation between your IT systems for a seamless flow of data? Is your site mobile-first? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, get in touch and let us help you.

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