25 years of web development and data

In 1996 while the Spice Girls hit the charts, and everybody was spending money again on CDs of albums they already owned in vinyl, I sat in my office with a couple of friends to build our first website. It was a tribute to our favourite film. I recall that we used a simple HTML editor called Hot Dog. I also recall that the CD of choice was not Spice Girls, but Ramones. I am too embarrassed to say what the film was.

While my graphic design business started converging towards homepages and simple websites, I learned about server-side programming and got keen on Cold Fusion, ASP, .Net until falling in love with PHP. Naturally, databases and database administration followed suit.

By the end of the 90s I was a university lecturer teaching print and online media. Whilst in the education sector I created learning management systems (LMS) portals and was a big promoter of distance learning technologies.

25 years on, and I have been fortunate enough to work for/with some of the biggest media companies in the UK – building sites for The Guardian, The Telegraph, Sky, Time Warner, Look Magazine, Marie Claire and many more. I have built leading fashion portals, sites for IT retailers, and sites and booking systems for renowned travel and tourism companies.

My other great passion is Data Science. I thrive in mining data for customer profiling, spotting patterns and using purchase information to customise the customer campaigns and UX experience. 

I look forward to working with you. Please get in touch.

Rob Walker – Founder, Data And Dev Services Limited.


To produce efficient, cost effective solutions to empower small and medium businesses and help them thrive in their industries.


Partners and clients will enjoy simple yet efficient tailored solutions to enhance their online presence and engagement with customers.