Bespoke HubSpot Services

custom hubspot services in london

Do you need bespoke HubSpot integration in London, or anywhere in the UK? 

HubSpot is easy to use for quick and efficient email campaigns. However, we think that it’s real power is in the API connection possibilities, where it is possible to merge customer data from other sources and get a full understanding of your customer’s behaviours. 

Email campaign engagement and website navigation, combined with purchase history can be a great first step in determining what they are likely to buy next. We can help you keep your customers engaged by emailing relevant content that match their browsing and buying patters, rather than the same generic messages sent to your whole customer base. 

Better tailored campaigns increase the engagement of each campaign and lengthen the cycle as your contacts return to view the emails again. Engaged customers which see relevant, personalised content are less likely to unsubscribe, and future messages are less likely to get channeled through to spam/junk folders by their email providers.


HubSpot campaigns

We can build algorithms that consider HubSpot’s predictive scoring, strengthened by the customer reviews you have of your products. We can also do pairwise analysis on what other customers have bought (customer who purchased this also purchased…). 

HubSpot engagement

Generic email campaigns are a thing of the past. Or they certainly should be. We can help you tailor your campaigns using data science.