CRM Setup, Admin and Integration Services

Does each customer of yours get tailored communications, with segmentation, by gender, age, location? And are the messages relevant to their preferences and in line with their purchase history?


Regardless of which CRM your company uses, or intends to use, there is always room to finetune the data model and improve the quality of the data you capture. 


With the right tools in place, it is possible to track all the movements of a website visitor, or an inbound phone call, to their purchases. For customers who demonstrate interest by opening emails or visiting your site, you can use CRM to stitch the information together and get a holistic view of the customer’s interaction with your brand, over several touch points and across different mediums.


Research shows that 80% of customer journeys span multiple channels. 79% of consumers want personalized offers based on purchase history, and 50% of in-store sales are influenced by digital. This demonstrates the need to tie everything together at CRM level and truly understand your customers.


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