Data Science Services

Everybody has heard of big data. Everyone has dismissed the cookie consent popups on dozens of sites. We know that social media sites live off harvesting their user’s details to sell bespoke advertising. Targeted advertising is a game changes in PPC campaigns, so why shouldn’t it also be applied to email marketing, CRM and websites?

The best players in the market all have predictive algorithms to influence customer decisions. Amazon’s ‘Customers who viewed this also viewed’ is exactly that. By studying the click paths of all users, they can offer products with a large degree of synergy. Netflix, Spotify, Tesco Clubcard and every major player in the market does it too.

Amazon recommendations

Other products to buy, what music to listen to, which boxsets to binge on… and the more we interact, the more the algorithms learn about us – and this is not necessarily a bad thing – in fact it is welcome if it can make the our time on the internet more relevant.  

Netflix recommendations

Together we can work on the possibilities to tailor your offerings based on customers’ journeys, making you site and your email campaigns more relevant.