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custom salesforce development in london

Are you in need of a Salesforce contractor to help you set up your company’s understanding of customer requests? Or to improve on the current processes you have? Do you want to move away from Excel spreadsheets, into a modern world class CRM environment? If so, contact me and we can discuss the different ways I can help.

Focus on efficiency of your CRM strategy

By hiring my Salesforce contractor services you will not have to commit to long term in-house developers, and I can help you automate as much of the daily CRM tasks as possible, to optimise your company’s processes and stop the time-wasting, repetitive tasks.

simple CRM setups or complex integrations

I can help you with simple Salesforce setups of completely customised solutions, no matter what time of industry you are in. Over the years I have worked with CRMs varying, from a few hundred, to millions of contacts and opportunities.  

end-to-end CRM solutions

I have experience with planning, development, deployment and training of CRM systems, so I can help your business throughout the whole process. Alternatively, I can lead your team of developers towards a successful CRM project.  

available remotely or on-site

Via my company, I can work as a on-site contractor for CRM work in the London area, or, for companies anywhere in the UK, working remotely or partly remote.

My name is Rob Walker. I am a Solutions Architect / Software Architect based in London.

My career spans over 25 years of web development experience, with a lot of focus on data, CRM, PPC, ERP and learning management systems, as well as many customer-facing websites.

I also have a BSc degree in Mathermatics and a MBA in Marketing, with many years of commercial experience within tech and executive roles.

You can view my LinkedIn profile here to learn more about my experience, or contact me here.

Having a full-time developer can be expensive. I focus on setting up systems and training you and your colleagues to run them efficiently, requiring little or no maintenance from a dev perspective. 

If an ‘off-the shelf’ product isn’t what you are looking for, I can help you create complete bespoke software solutions to fit your requirements and budget. 

I will work with you, on-site or remotely with a no-nonsense approach to deliver the cost-effective solutions your business needs.

I have many words to describe Rob; indispensable, knowledgeable, flexible, passionate, results-driven…the list could go on for pages! I worked with Rob on a number of wide-ranging projects whilst at TUI and Travelopia including building and developing many microsites, managing our PPC account, helping us with Google Analytics integrations, educating us on SEO…there is literally nothing Rob can’t do. Even though we don’t work for the same company any more, Rob and I still exchange knowledge on a whole array of digital disciplines. You’ll be in a safe pair of hands if Rob is involved in your project.
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Salesforce Lightning

More about Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s most popular CRM currently. For it’s basic usage, it is quite straight forward and simple. However, very few companies use Salesforce to its full potential.

You can use Salesforce to store and track your Leads, Opportunities, Quotes and Documentation. If you use Salesforce Service Cloud you can track your customer’s Cases and make sure that anyone who talks to the customer has a full and clear view of what has been said in previous contacts.

However, Salesforce would never be able to cater for every different type of business – so their solution was to build a platform that is easy to enhance with new fields and objects. And for taking the fuctionality further, you can make use of the APIs  – integrating with with your other systems to collect more information without adding more effort. 

If creating API connections is not enough, you can create bespoke modules (or plugins) to enhance your Salesforce capabilities. 

In a world where big data and customer information is changing the way we consume, you cannot afford to not know every detail about your customers and prospects.